Zurich at the Expo Milano 2015

From 17 June until 12 September Zurich was showing what an impact clean water has on a city’s quality of life and its power to innovate. The Zurich exhibition on the theme of «Un Sorso di Zurigo – Energia per la Vita» focused on the competencies in the nutritional sciences as well as the sustainable handling of the resource of water. Needless to say, the exhibition itself was sustainable as well: it was being built entirely of glass bottles and were recycled afterwards. Furthermore, visitors could experience a rich cultural programme and make inroads into the actual essence of the city: life on Lake Zurich. expandcollapse

Exhibition «Un Sorso di Zurigo»

17 June - 12 September 2015

Zurich with its unique location on the lake, many cultural activities and perfectly functioning infrastructure offers a quality of life that is hard for anywhere in the world to match. Zurich’s exhibition in the Swiss Pavilion portrays all of these aspects to the Expo audience by means of a story built around Zurich Water as the leitmotif. The tale of Zurich Water guides visitors through the stage-managed rooms of the exhibition in four scenes to offer a sip of Zurich’s diversity and attractiveness. Zurich's contribution to the Expo Milano aims to show how...

… Zurich became a global centre of excellence for nutrition science with the opening of the World Food System Centre at the ETH Zurich;
... Zurich is a sustainable city that cares for the environment;
... Zurich is a lively city of culture and creative arts;
... Zurich is an extremely attractive travel destination on the water.

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Zurich Exhibition at the Expo in Milan 2015

Zurich Cultural Program

June - September 2015

Zurich together with jazzclub Moods and the Miteinander GmbH presented an extensive series of live gigs from June to September spotlighting musicians from Zurich’s electro, jazz and pop/rock scene:

17 June: Raphael Jost Trio & Lots of Horns, presented by Moods
18 June: Raphael Jost Trio, presented by Moods
19+20 June: One Truth Street Artists
26 June: Tobias Preisig Quartett, presented by Moods
27 June: Egopusher, presented by Moods
28 June: Nadja Zela, presented by Moods
29 June: Chamber Soul, presented by Moods
30 June: Fashion Show, presented by Mode Suisse / Pacifica (Drumpoet Community), presented by Miteinander GmbH
01 July: High Heels Breaker (Drumpoet Community)/ Dragon Suplex (Mullet, Spirit Soul Records), presented by Miteinander GmbH
02 July: WolfmanHigh Heels Breaker (Drumpoet Community)/ Dragon Suplex (Mullet, Spirit Soul Records), presented by Miteinander GmbH
03 July: ETHIMM / Jimi Jules (Hive Audio, Watergate)/ Dario D'Attis (Hive Audio, Poker Flat), presented by Miteinander GmbH
04 July: None of Them (Nice Try Records) / Ginger Boss & Asian Eyez / Jimi Jules (Hive Audio, Watergate), presented by Miteinander GmbH
17+18 July: IOKOI & ARIA
30+31 July: Los Dos / Palin & Panzer , presented by Moods
07+08 July: Meng Tian
15+16 August:
Mo Blanc
03+04 Sept: Tim & Puma Mimi
06 Sept:
Walt's Blues Box
09 Sept: Bit Tuner & IOKOI


Joint exhibition «Urban Food Innovations»

07 August - 12 September 2015

In the joint exhibition of the three cities of Basel, Zurich and Geneva from 7 August until 12 September on the topic of “Swiss Urban Food Innovation”, the city of Basel highlighted its urban nutrition system. Basel’s contribution took as its theme Basel’s urban food system and intended to propose a process for its design. It shed light on topics such as food production, processing and transport, resources, seeds, drinking water requirements and purification, food waste and societal commitment.

Zurich was concentrating on its competencies in nutrition sciences and sustainable food production. Presented were the Zurich University of Applied Sciences ZHAW with its aquaponic research, the revolutionary water filter DrinkPure developed by Novamem, the ETH’s World Food System Centre and the innovative restaurant “Frau Gerolds Garten”.

Geneva was staging a reflection on the “urban terroir” showcasing the special features of its mixed, multicultural local food offer. This was a cultural, historical and social perspective on nutrition in an urban setting, put on by students from Geneva University of Art and Design.


Joint exhibition Basel Zurich Geneva

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